Secret Warriors Brings Back The Next Generation of Marvel Heroes

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has assembled the sons and daughters of supervillains to become the next generation of Marvel superheroes. The Secret Warriors were first introduced in Mighty Avengers #13. They fought together as a team for the first time in Secret Invasion #3. Now, the Secret Warriors are leaping into the pages of their own comic book in order to fight the new order that Dark Reign has brought to the Marvel Universe. Secret Warriors #1 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman. The artist on the series is Stefano Caselli, and Jimmy Cheung will be doing the artwork on the cover. There will also be special variant cover featuring the parents of these new heroes. The artist on the variant cover is being kept top secret by Marvel Comics. In Secret Warriors #1, Nick Fury will not only start to train this next generation of heroes, but he will also lead them in battle against the greatest threat he's possible ever faced. For more information on the new team, check out and use the password "eagleeye" to discover some insider secrets. In Marvel comics throughout January, there will be additional hidden passwords leading to more special content. Secret Warriors #1 is schedule to hit comic book stores on February 4, 2009.