Six DC Comics Ending in December, Two in November

The release of DC Comics' solicitations for December-releasing comics has confirmed that six [...]

The release of DC Comics' solicitations for December-releasing comics has confirmed that six currently-ongoing DC Comics titles will not return in 2016 -- and that two of them won't even make it to December, in spite of November's issues not having been solicited as final.

Both Doomed and Green Lantern: Lost Army will get just six issues each before being cancelled, ending in November.

Apparently, DC Comics' official position is that Green Lantern: Lost Army was a minieries (a number of miniseries launched out of the DC You initiative), but it seems as though writer Cullen Bunn (who also writes Lobo, Sinestro and Aquaman) disagrees.

"Issue 6 will be the last issue of the series," Bunn told Newsarama. "There's more to the story of these lost Lanterns, and their story will be resolved in another limited series or in the pages of another Lantern book. I developed a plan for them, and I hope to be part of how it plays out."

Unless there's something else we don't know, Bunn will continue to write Sinestro, in which he could presumably deal with some of those stories if he wanted.

A number of other DC miniseries, including Bizarro and Bat-Mite, will end in November as well, but that has long been known.

Ending in December will be Justice League United with #16, Gotham By Midnight with #12, The Omega Men with #7, Lobo with #13, and digital first series Batman '66 and Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman.

Presumably, the digital-first series will end sooner online than in print, unless DC intends to transition them to digital-only, which is unlikely. DC Comics Bombshells cracked the top 20 in sales last month, signaling that DC's digital-first titles can still perform.

Batman '66 writer Jeff Parker will continue to tell the story of the Bright Knight with Batman '66/The Man From U.N.C.L.E., set to launch as a miniseries in December.

News of Lobo, Omega Men, Doomed and Justice League United's cancellations had already broken prior to the release of solicitations, but fans took note of Lost Army only after the solicitations came out, and Bunn confirmed that the book would end in November on Twitter.