Snoochie Boochies! Could Kevin Smith Be Hinting At A Mallrats Sequel?


Kevin Smith just tweeted his busy slate of projects, and at the very end he appears to be hinting at a sequel to his 1995 cult classic Mallrats.

In May, Smith will begin filming Clerks IIIm then he'll work on Hit Somebody from September until the end of December and then a few months after that he'll work on Moose Jaws.

The final portion of his tweet ends with this mysterious and tantalizing message: "But after that? I smell a rat..." Seems like we're finally getting a sequel to 1995's Mallrat, which starred Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, and Joey Lauren Adams. Of course, it also included Kevin Smith as Silent Bob and Jason Mewes as the not-so-silent Jay.


Mallrats turns 20 years old this fall, and to mark the occasion Smith is planning to hold a series of special screenings and Q&A sessions at the Eden Praire mall. That is the very same mall where the movie was originally filmed. Perhaps, he'll make the official announcement of a sequel at one of those special screenings.