Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Could Include Familiar Characters

Sons of Anarchy ran seven seasons on FX, each more successful than the previous. Soon, it will see a spinoff series attempt to fill its void created when it bowed out late last year.

Of course, everyone is wondering whether or not we'll see any Sons characters popping up on the new series. There's still no confirmation, but there's definitely hope.

Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy and The Bastard Executioner creator dubbed the new series a "contemporary piece," rather than a prequel while talking to Deadline, before saying, "It doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be some cool, ironic crossovers with familiar characters as the series progressed."

The Sons of Anarchy spinoff will focus on the Mayans and won't be set in Northern California. Sutter said, "We’re figuring out what that would look like and I’m in the process of meeting with writers and narrowing it down."

At some point Sutter also wants to do a 10 to 12 episode prequel, but the Mayans storyline would be the first Sons of Anarchy spinoff.