Sparkshooter Recruits Ben Olson on Art While Sarah Vaughn Heads to Print Comics




, the popular, creator-owned webcomic by Zenescope writer Troy Brownfield and artist Sarah Vaughn, is undergoing some major changes, the pair announced this week. "After months of dealing with the injury and nerve situation that has plagued Sarah Vaughn in terms of drawing, it has become apparent that she physically can't handle the strain of drawing comics on a regular basis at this time," the pair wrote in a blog post. "This is something that Sarah has fought valiantly, and she obviously didn't want this to be the outcome. But, unfortunately, Sarah has to step down as regular Sparkshooter artist." While the series has been on hiatus waiting for Vaughn to recover, though, a spinoff comic--written by Brownfield and with art by Ben Olson--has cropped up, titled Solo Acoustic. It's Olson who will pick up as the new artist on Sparkshooter, which will resume publication in November. "Our own Ben Olson of Solo Acoustic is going to step in and complete Chapter 2," Brownfield wrote in another blog post. "The plan is that Solo will take a break after #34 (which should run October 30th), and Ben will, during that break, turn out the last 9 pages of Sparkshooter Chapter 2 before returning to Solo Acoustic." Vaughn will also be able to stick around to do pin-ups, covers in the event that the book goes to print editions and to "lend a hand in the design process to help maintain the overall look and feel of the Sparkshooter story," the pair said upon announcing her departure. Vaughn is also co-writing a new Image Comics series, Alex + Ada, with Jonathan Luna (who will draw the title) starting up in November from Image Comics. Check out Brownfield and Olson's interview with DoItIndy for the official announcement video below.