Spider-Man Relaunch to be Directed by Marc Webb

Sony has wasted no time in moving forward with their relaunch of the Spider-Man franchise! Marc Webb has been tapped to helm the new film series. After a much publicized falling out with director Sam Raimi, who steered the course of the first three Spider-Man films, the company is looking at a grittier reboot of the series, and Webb has been tapped to lead the series in a new direction. Webb recently directed the film (500) Days of Summer but he is most known for his background in music videos. This may have helped shape Sony's decision to select him for the job, as they are looking for a very contemporary approach to this new film series, one that they say will deal with "the tough issues of today." What that means remains to be seen, and now it's on to casting the lead! Will another surprise pick await us, or will a big name star step into the role? Perhaps an announcement will come sooner rather than later!