Spock And Bones Featured In New Star Trek Beyond Clip

Perhaps an alternate name to the rebooted Star Trek films could be ‘Poor Bones.’ After all, [...]

Perhaps an alternate name to the rebooted Star Trek films could be 'Poor Bones.' After all, the surly Starfleet doctor has certainly found himself in countless confrontations and all-around terrible situations due to things out his control. And, in a new Star Trek Beyond clip, Bones keeps up with his bad luck as Spock and he prepare to face down some hostile aliens.

The trailer takes place after the USS Enterprise has apparently been destroyed and abandoned by its crew following an alien encounter. With their crew scattered, Bones and Spock find themselves teamed up and injured as they survey the planet they've crash-landed on. With Spock's arm slung over his shoulder, Bones carries the two while Spock logically explains, "leaving me behind will significantly increase your chances of survival, Doctor."

Ever the wordsmith, Bones eloquently tells the Vulcan that abandoning him is "completely out of the question."

Things, however, go south real quick when the duo see three unidentified spacecrafts approaching them from the distance. What was once a sarcastic, pain-fueled feud becomes a somber moment as the on-and-off friends level with one another. Spock rather easily confides that he cares for and respects the temperamental doctor. But, before his goodbyes can be finished, Bones tells the Commander, "it's okay...you don't have to say it."

Sighing, Bones confesses that he's just glad that he won't die alone. So, of course, someone choose that exact moment to transport Spock away from the location. Turning to see his friend gone, Bones nearly growls in surprise, saying, "Well, that's just typical."

See? Poor Bones! While the clip definitely ends in a steep cliffhanger, fans won't have to wait long to see how Dr. McCoy inevitably gets himself out of yet another mess since Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this Friday, July 22nd.