Strangers in Paradise Prose Novel Pushed Back to 2014

Strangers in Paradise

Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise 20th Anniversary Tour began in earnest at San Diego Comic Con International, and while he had a beautiful, colorized version of Strangers in Paradise #1 on hand, preordered copies of the Strangers in Paradise Omnibus--now available in paperback--didn't quite make it after a mix-up with the Chinese printer got them to Moore just after Comic Con instead of just before.

Another thing that isn't coming just when he'd hoped? The Strangers in Paradise prose novel announced last year at his Comic Con panel.

A story shrouded in mystery, Moore's novel is set to pick up on the lives of Francine Peters and Katina Choovanski, last seen in the final issue of Moore's long-running indie series.

Moore says, though, that the novel took on a life of its own and that he had to back-burner the project to keep everything else he has going on right now from falling behind.

"I don't want to talk about it too much because I don't want to put the jinx on it. I was working on it and realized that I would have to totally dedicate myself to it in order to get ready for this year and I just couldn't do it because I had to get the omnibus ready and then the treasury ready and the color book and then keep Rachel Rising in line so I put it off on the back shelf until I get past the convention season and get the Strangers in Paradise Treasury Edition out," Moore told "When I go home, I can't start it; I have to start on the Treasury and that will take me a couple of months to finish that out and get that out in the fall so hopefully in the off-season (you know, it's so strange to think we have an off-season), I'll go back to it and try like hell to have it for 2014."