Super Smash Bros. Goes Super Saiyan With Dragon Ball Z Mod

Screenshot 2015-05-17 22.01.09

Have you ever played Super Smash Bros. and thought it lacked in the Dragon Ball Z department? Well thanks to a Japanese modding team, those dreams can be realized in Super Smash Bros. Z which reimagines the classic Nintendo game, but goes Super Saiyan.

Now this just isn't Vegeta fighting with Falco's moves, these guys actually built out all new move sets for your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Everyone from Frieza, Broly, Goku and more are featured here. The icing on the cake? Final "Smash Attacks."

So if you want to take your brawling to over 9000, you've got to check these videos out.

What do you think readers? Do you wish something like this was available to buy for your Wii Us? Let us know in the comments below!

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