Superman vs. Batman, Avatar, Star Wars and More - The Week in Movie News

Batman Vs. Superman Fan Trailer

It's been a long week and, catching up after New York Comic Con last weekend, it seems like things haven't slowed down much.

So we figured it was as good a week as ever to roll out one of our occasional week-in-review features. Want to know what happened in comic book movies this week? Here's a rundown...

dekar-kevin-grevioux-i-frankensteinWe'll start a little early with our interview with I, Frankenstein creator and actor Kevin Grevioux. The Underworld mastermind is back with a story that reimagines Frankenstein's monster as an action hero, and he joined us via phone from New York Comic Con to talk about it.

Gravity dominated the box office last weekend, bringing in more than $40 million in its second weekend, which set the stage for it to perform almost as well this week in spite of stiff competition.

Filmmaker James Cameron gave us a sneak peek at Avatar Land at Wald Disney World...something he'll presumably be more hands-on with once he's done making the next three films, which go into back-to-back production starting in a year.

jurassic-worldJurassic World, the upcoming sequel to Jurassic Park, cast Iron Man 3's Ty Simpkins as well as up-and-comer Nick Robinson...and the rumor has it they're planning to cast Josh Brolin in the lead if he'll take it.

Reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd are the top choices to play Ant-Man took the Internet by storm--and one site also reported that Ant-Man's girlfriend will be played by frequent Rudd co-star Rashida Jones.

News broke on October 15 that the first scene from Batman vs. Superman would indeed be filmed in Los Angeles on October 19: a football game between two college teams from Gotham City and Metropolis. When it happened, fans sent along photos and video.

Vin Diesel stomped around a bit on stilts on the set of Fast & Furious 7, telling fans it was prep work to play Groot (), before Kevin Feige said that the deal is still not totally done yet for the actor to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guillermo del Toro is excited to announce he's working on a Pacific Rim 2 script, while Natalie Portman wants you to know she was never trying to get out of Thor 2.

Superman 75th Anniversay ShortWhile Disney reissued the trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, Warner Bros. released the Superman 75th anniversary short to the Internet ahead of the Man of Steel Blu-ray release.

When a local gang tried to shake down the film crew and they refused, Transformers: Age of Extinction filmmaker Michael Bay was assaulted and sustained minor injuries on the set in China.

Thor: The Dark World was projected for a $75 million opening weekend (with some experts going as high as $90M) while B-roll footage teased some spoilers and revealed a first look at Kurse. The film will feature two after-the-credits scenes. Meanwhile, villain Tom Hiddleston said there's no movement at present on making a Loki solo movie.

Reports say that Michael B. Jordan has inked a deal, officially, to appear in Fantastic Four as the Human Torch.


Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson thinks they'll be able to recast Iron Man when and if Robert Downey, Jr. leaves for good.

While there have been reports for some time, Bruce Campbell confirmed that he's committed to an Army of Darkness sequel.