Tech Jacket Digital Miniseries Coming From Joe Keatinge


Robert Kirkman's cult-favorite Tech Jacket, a series he ended in 2003, returns today under the new creative team of writer Joe Keatinge and artist Khary Randolph. Titled Tech Jacket Digital, the comic is a three-issue miniseries--and is available and DRM-free at Image Comics starting today. It will be available soon on other digital platforms. Kirkman told the audience today that he felt like he cancelled the series prematurely. "It was as possible as Invincible was at the time, and I think it had a lot of potential," Kirkman said. The concept later returned as a backup feature and then a supporting character in Invincible--a story that will be picked up in the new series.

"Tech Jacket has always been near and dear to my heart and I've been dying to do more adventures with Zack Thompson and crew," said Kirkman. "While EJ and I could never quite find the time, things work out because Joe Keatinge is a better writer than I am and Khary Randolph is amazing. This book is going to be great!"

The return of TECH JACKET picks up a bit later than the original run. "The original Tech Jacket run was largely about Zach having his role as our planet's Galactic Guardian thrust upon him, fumbling with this new title, unsure of anything he encountered," said Keatinge. "Here Zach's firmly in his position—perhaps even getting a little too comfortable with it—and finding out that being Earth's defender from what lies beyond is more dangerous than he could ever imagine."


Ravaged by the Invincible War, Zach Thompson needs some time away from being Earth's galactic guardian. But when his vacation doesn't go as planned, Tech Jacket must return to face a brand new threat.