Terminator: Genisys Likely To Be PG-13

Terminator: Genisys will likely be rated PG-13, according to Jai Courtney, who plays Kyle Reese in the film.

Courtney spoke to TheArnoldFans and said that there was nothing in the footage he had seen so far to lead him to believe the film would earn an R rating:

"I would love to see it be rated R, but I don't think it will. I think in this day & age, it's much more likely to be PG-13. There were no f-bombs. But there'll be a healthy amount of movie violence."

As he alludes to in his comments, PG-13 make more money, so it’s no surprise to see the Terminator reboot comfortably setting itself up for that rating.

Terminator: Genisys is due out in theaters July 1, 2015.