The Avengers Reissue: Will There Be a New Post-Credits Scene?

"Marvel’s The Avengers is back in theaters for Labor Day Weekend!

Don’t forget to stay through the credits…"

That came through just a little while ago from both the movie's Facebook page and the Industrial Light & Magic visual effects Twitter page.

That's the quote that's being scrutinized by media outlets around the country today, wondering whether, besides Thanos and schawarma, there might be a little something more at the end of the film for fans to enjoy.


Most of the speculation seems to be centering around the possibility of footage (or just a teaser) from Iron Man 3 debuting on the tail end of the movie, although obviously there's the outside chance that there might be a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy or event Ant-Man if someone at Marvel were really ambitious about promoting their lesser-known properties in the movie arena.

What do you think? Will there be something new, or are they just hyping up a scene that, as seen below, is already online?