The Dark Knight Rises Gets 6 New Character Posters

Six new posters debuted today for The Dark Knight Rises, two each for Batman, Bane and Catwoman. The first is a fairly standard set of images of the three of them staring off into space, but the second trio features each of them with rain pouring down on them and the word "rise" behind them.

"Rise" seems to be a chant that serves a dual meaning in the film, both as the prisoners have been seen to encourage someone (either Bane or Batman) in a prison and as Batman looks as though he may have to crawl back from retirement and debilitating injury in the course of the movie.

Christopher Nolan's final bat-film, The Dark Knight Rises is widely expected to be the only film this year that can challenge The Avengers for overall box office dominance. It opens in the United States on July 20.

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