The Flash, Arrow, iZombie Footage Included in The CW's Newest Network Spot

A very, very tiny amount of new footage from iZombie, The Flash and Arrow is included in The [...]

A very, very tiny amount of new footage from iZombieThe Flash and Arrow is included in The CW's new network promo, "The CW 2014 First Look."

Uploaded today, it was nevertheless likely cut back before a full schedule was released during upfronts, if for no other reason than the fact that iZombie, which will debut as a midseason series in early 2015, is included in the package.

The only really notable new footage (especially since The Flash was screened at Comic Con International: San Diego and has been discussed at great length) is a brief shot of Rose McIver's Olivia "Liv" Moore from iZombie, apparently walking out of the morgue.

It's an interesting image because the lighting and colors behind her give it a surreal look, and because a previous promotional still for the series showed her exiting a body bag on a beach or lake shore of her own volition (see right).

That one tracks with comments made during Comic Con that a lake shore would be the place of the series' inciting incident.

So...why would she be at the morgue? Is this a dream sequence? A really morbid costume party? Questions to be answered in early 2015.

You can check out the video below, and let us know if you spot anything really new from Arrow. Everything from The Flash seems to be from the pilot and at least some of the Arrow material is from last season, so it's difficult to tell with such quick cuts whether there's anything genuinely new at all.

Arrow and The Flash will be on your TV in October. iZombie is expected along in January.

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