The Flash Deleted Scene Hints At Aquaman

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Aquaman has had his brush with fame on The CW before, both as a member of Smallville's version of the Justice League, and in a pilot of his own that sadly for fans did not get picked up. It turns out, there was originally another nod to the fishiest of DC heroes in The Flash pilot that was left on the cutting room floor.

In a walk-and-talk deleted scene between Detective Joe West and Barry Allen debuted on, Barry is talking about coming back from Starling City, where there "were reports of a man that could bend steel with his bare hands!" No, that's not Superman - check out Arrow season 2 to see who that's referencing. Regardless, Joe's next line does reference a Justice Leaguer.

"Yeah, and last month you disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a man who could talk to fish," Joe says. That's a line directly referencing Aquaman and his above-water home. He also mentions other "urban legends" that Barry is investigating, opening him up to even more characters in the DC Comics world that could come to The CW.


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