The Flash Pilot Adds Almost Three Minutes To Its Runtime

When The Flash debuts on October 7, the show will run two minutes and fifty-four seconds longer than originally planned.

The CW announced the programming change today, but didn't say why. Fifty-four seconds of that time will be taken out of the season premiere of Supernatural (or, more accurately, out of their in-house advertising during Supernatural one assumes). The other two minutes will be made up later in the night, after new episodes have stopped and presumably advertising revenue is lower.

The network hasn't indicated that the Wednesday night encore presentation of the pilot, titled "City of Heroes," will run long as well. For that reason, it seems likely that the almost-three minutes extra is actually a trailer or sizzle reel -- either of what to expect later in the season or for ArrowThe Flash's parent show that debuts on Wednesday before the rerun of The Flash.

What would be a clever idea -- and is plausible -- is that the three minutes could actually be a teaser for "The Flash vs. Arrow"/"Arrow vs. The Flash," the two-night crossover event between the two shows that's currently filming. Last year during the Arrow season finale, a teaser for The Flash was released which led The CW to expand the episode's runtime.