The Flash's Keiynan Lonsdale Talks Wally West And Remainder Of Season 2


"Intense, scary, hilarious, Zoom, family, and speed."

Those are the six words incoming The Flash castmember Keiynan Lonsdale used to describe the second half of the second season of the hit DC Comics series from The CW during a new interview with Blastr.

While Lonsdale, who plays Wally West on the series, won't be starting out with super powers, that doesn't mean he doesn't hope for a future of fighting alongside The Flash (not instead of him, as Wally did for two decades in the comics while Barry Allen was dead).

"He's just a regular kid at this point, and he doesn't become Kid Flash or anything just yet," said Lonsdale, whose first appearance on The Flash will be tomorrow night in the midseason finale. "But, he's into drag racing. That's his 'thing,' or his 'job' as you might say, at the moment. That's his passion."

It was recently revealed that when Iris West's mother more than a decade ago, she was pregnant with her husband Joe's second child: Wally. Iris and Barry has chosen to keep that truth from Joe, but when Wally comes "home" for the holidays, it sounds as though he's planning to stay.

"I will say, it's not an easy relationship," Lonsdale said of his relationship with Joe's surrogate son, Barry. "You might see some sibling rivalry develop, because he's stepping into a family he doesn't know, and he has a father and sister he doesn't know. But they have someone else, where Wally feels he should be, in Barry's position, because Barry is already in their family and has their love."

The Flash returns tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW for the midseason finale. After that, the series won't return until 2016.