The Walking Dead Cast on the Set of Season Four: Video

The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Panel

AMC has released a new, four-minute peek at the cast and crew (and a few walkers) of the network's mega-hit series The Walking Dead, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.

The clip sees Robert Kirkman, special effects guru Greg Nicotero and members of the cast hanging out onset--along with an up-close-and-personal look at some of the dried out husks of humanity that represent this season's walkers, looking perhaps less grotesque but more ghoulish than they have in the past.

"Scott Gimple and I had a really fascinating conversation when we wrapped season three, just about…our group has been on the road for a long time and they’ve become very proficient at killing walkers," Nicotero told back in July. "This season, we’ve surpassed probably season one and season two completely in terms of numbers of walkers. I mean, you can see in the trailer there’s shots where we have a hundred to two hundred walkers coming up to the fence in the prison and that was for the most part done all practically. We had a lot of walkers in those scenes. So we’re always trying to push it."

Kirkman also hints at a new threat besides walkers and other humans that could be more deadly than the other two combined.

We also see Michonne take out walkers at the scene of the Governor's season three finale massacre, suggesting perhaps that the "nursing home" at the prison has sent them back to look for more survivors and/or bury the bodies.


Oh, and apparently Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln speaks in his Rick-voice all day long when he's shooting, rather than going back to his native, British accent when he's not on camera.

Check it out below. The Walking Dead heads back to TV in October.