The Walking Dead: Do You Think Daryl’s Dead?

Daryl's JobWarning:

Mild spoilers ahead. While the Talking Dead revealed a secret hidden message on the “Indifference” episode of The Walking Dead, we think that the writers might have sent one more secret message to fans. Daryl, Michonne, Bob Stookey, and Tyreese all left on a run for medical supplies. However, when Carol tells Lizzie that she’s going on a supply run with Rick, Lizzie just asks, “Do you think Daryl’s dead?”

She seems to be only concerned about Daryl and completely ignores that Michonne, Bob Stookey, and Tyreese went on the supply run as well. Now, Lizzie could just be calling out Daryl, because she knows that Carol is close to Daryl. It’s also possible that because Daryl has become a leader and food provider to the group that he’s the only one that Lizzie immediately thinks about.

However, we also think it might be a subtle tease at viewers. Norman Reedus’ fans are known for using the slogan, “If Daryl dies we riot.” At Comic-Con, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman told us, ““But specifically about the Daryl thing–that fan reaction is going to get him killed. I feel like it’s a dare. Like, ‘Oh, really? You’re gonna riot? We’ll see…we’ll see. No one is safe.”

Could Lizzie’s question have been a subtle jab at Daryl fans? A little reminder that no one is safe on The Walking Dead?