The Walking Dead: Dwight & The Saviors Will Return For Finale


Spoilers from The Walking Dead's episode 6x06, Always Accountable, follow. If you've seen the episode, rate it in the database below and continue! If you haven't scroll no further and let the rating serve as a spoiler buffer.

Tonight, on The Walking Dead, we met Dwight, a prominent character from the comics and a member of the Saviors.

While the name Dwight was never officially uttered on screen, his confirmed name of "D," leaves us enough information to believe he is in fact, Dwight, pre-iron scar.

By the end of the episode, Dwight seemed to have driven off into the sunset on Daryl's bike, however, he'll back.

A tweet from Austin Amelio, the actor who plays the character on AMC's zombie thriller, confirms a return for the end of season 6.

Given it's November 11th tweet date, following the announcement of Negan's casting, the only episode Amelio can be filming at this point is the finale. This all but confirms Dwight and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, along with the other Saviors seen in tonight's episode, will be back in episode 16.


See you in a few months, Dwight.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.