The Walking Dead's Andrew J West Talks About What The Cast Would Taste Like

Apparently, according to Andrew J. West's Gareth on The Walking Dead, pretty people taste better.

That should put much of the show's cast firmly in the "tasty" category, but that was apparently not enough for E! Online, who spoke with the actor recently, asking for some home cooking tips.

Including playing a little Newlywed Game-style matching challenge where he tried to identify what his The Walking Dead castmates would taste like, by their own accounting.

You can see the video interview at the link above.

He also teased that there's a chance Gareth could pop up again down the line, even if it seemed pretty unlikely.


"I think Rick was pretty thorough with [that machete]," West said. Gareth is definitely dead. "But you know, you saw Herschel come back in a flashback. You saw Lori come back in a hallucination scene. So you never know where Gareth might pop up down the line."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.