The Wicked & The Divine Coming From Phonogram Team At Image Comics



's Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie will reunite for The Wicked & The Divine, a new series from Image Comics, the pair announced at Image Expo today in San Francisco. "Every 90 years, gods reincarnate in human bodies," Gillen told the audience at the Expo. "This has gone on forever. These people speak in tongues, they perform secretive miracles. They are loved, they are hated, they are brilliant. And in two years, they are dead." Twelve gods will be briefly reincarnated in order to perform miracles like superheroes and bask in celebrity fame. But for the first time, there may be a thirteenth god reincarnated, and lucky number thirteen is tipping the delicate balance.


"The idea of playing superheroes as celebrity isn't exactly new," explained Gillen. "However, it's always played cynical. The celebrity characters are always the debased bad guys, or at least the cautionary tale and wandering from the road of truth. It's always implicitly arguing that these people are worse than the heroes who came before them because they're on the cover of a magazine and they do a bit of coke. We're not interested in that. We're anti-that. We've all had pop-stars save our life." As if superhero-like gods reincarnated isn't enough to draw readers in, Gillen promises a hefty dose of drama and mystery as well. "There'll be a lot of fights, drama, emotions, secrets, and kissing," hinted Gillen. "Worth noting is the question of whether the lead ends up being a God is the story to begin with. As far as the world knows, there's only twelve gods who appear. There may be a mystery going on."