The Wolverine Treats The X-Men To A Screening Of The Butler

The Butler Poster

The Butler proved to be the surprise winner at the box office this weekend, beating out early favorite Kick-Ass 2. In fact, it looks like a group of superheroes even played a role in The Butler’s box office success.

Hugh Jackman took his fellow X-Men: Days Of Future Past costars and director Bryan Singer to a screening of The Butler over the weekend. So what did The Wolverine think of the historical drama? Jackman tweeted, “Loved it.. Huge Congrats  to #leedaniels @oprah #thebutler.”

While Wolverine might have enjoyed it, the guy in the center in the green in the photo below looks like he was not impressed. Also, be sure to note, Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult certainly look to be a happy couple again.