'Thor' is Finally Cast: It's Chris Hemsworth


Virtual unknown Chris Hemsworth has been cast as Thor in the 2011 movie, according to Nikke Finke. While Hemsworth is mostly known for his work in native Australia, he appears to be an upcoming, hot commodity here in the U.S. The 25 year old actor has a role in the blockbuster 'Star Trek' and he was recently cast as the lead for 'Red Dawn.' He also is currently filming 'Cabin in the Woods' (Joss Whedon). Hemsworth's rise to prominence seems like the Hollywood dream--found by a producer in another country and he catches lightning in a bottle. The question is, will audiences (and more importanly, fanboys), appreciate the casting of an unknown for such a monumental role? Thor, scheduled for a May 20, 2001 release, chronicles the Viking god of Thunder who wields a magical hammer. In addition to the solo film, Thor is scheduled to appear in the Avengers movie in 2012. What do you think? Can Chris Hemsworth handle the big shoes (and hammer) of Thor? Should the studio (and Marvel) have gone with a known quantity?