Tim Burton Says Beetlejuice Sequel Is Closer Than Ever

Tim-Burton-Masih-Cari-Naskah-Film-Untuk-Beetlejuice-2 haibaru650x431

A sequel to Tim Burton’s macabre comedy, Beetlejuice, could be just around the corner.

Burton, who directed the first Beetlejuice film, recently confirmed that he’s itching revisit the property with another installment, but on one major condition: Beetlejuice actor, Michael Keaton, would first have to reprise his role as the extra-dimensional exorcist.

“There’s only one Beetlejuice, and that’s Michael. There is a script, and I would love to work with him again,” Burton told IGN. “I think there is now a better chance than ever… I miss that character. There’s something that’s cathartic and amazing about it. I think it’s closer than ever.”

Indeed, the chances of a Beetle Juice sequel are greatest they’ve been since the original's debut in 1988. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” author Seth Grahame-Smith is working on a script, and Winona Ryder, who also starred opposite of Keaton as Lydia Deetz, has teased a possible interest in returning to Burton’s bizarre universe.

Maybe all that Burton needs to do is say “Michael Keaton” three times over to get the actor on board, and a Beetlejuice sequel officially into production.