Tim Seeley and Mike Norton Launch Revival at Image


creator Tim Seeley is no stranger to blood-soaked, female action heroes. Leaving aside the fact that he currently writes Witchblade, that's been Cassie Hack's bread and butter for years now.

His new book, though, appears to have a lot less action, although potentially just as much gruesome stuff, as he and artist Mike Norton embark on Revival, a series where the dead rise from their graves--and go on with their lives as if nothing happened.

While the living and the dead try to carry on and coexist, when a murder occurs (and the victim doesn't get back up and keep walking), the tolerance of everyone on both sides is put to the test when suddenly everyone is a suspect.

"I'm excited to try and create an environment for this mystery we've built," said Norton in a statement released by Image Comics. "Mark and I are working hard to set a mood that hopefully sets the reader on edge. I couldn't be happier with how this is turning out."

The ongoing series, which debuts on July 11, is a rural noir, according to the publisher, which gives Seeley "an opportunity to explore another facet of the horror genre."