Tooth and Claw #2 Alex Ross Variant Revealed

Image Comics have revealed a variant cover for Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey's upcoming Tooth and Claw #2, featuring art by iconic comic artist Alex Ross.

Ross, a frequent collaborator with Busiek on Astro City, is painting a bit outside of his wheelhouse on this cover, the writer acknowledged.

"It's an unusual subject for Alex,” added Busiek. “But he's painted such a wild range of stuff for Astro City that I was sure he'd do something amazing. So I showed him the art to the first issue, and he was glad to join in. And he really outdid himself, I'd say—it's a gorgeous, moody cover that really encapsulates what's going on in this world."

"The world in Tooth and Claw is kind of a quasi-medieval fantasy, joined with classical designs,” said Ross. “That made me think of paintings like The Raft of the Medusa, and I wanted to capture that feeling, with the characters and situations from the series. Although really, the only reference I had was the Pogues album, Rum, Sodomy & The Lash, so in a way, that was my reference and my inspiration."


Tooth and Claw #1 (Diamond Code SEP140540) will be available on 11/5 as a double-sized 44 page issue with no ads for only $2.99.

Tooth and Claw #2 (Diamond Code OCT140609) Cover A by Benjamin Dewey will be available on 12/3. Cover B by Alex Ross will be available with Diamond Code OCT140610.