Top Cow: The End of the World?

While it might not be getting as much attention as DC Comics' recent linewide "New 52" relaunch, Top Cow Productions is seeing a major shift in its entire universe (and, by extension, publishing line) with the release of Artifacts #13 in January 2012.

In addition to what Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik calls "truly the most ambitious change to the Top Cow Universe we've ever attempted," the publisher announced yesterday that they're teaming up with ComicsPro for "End of the World parties" at comic shops around the country and exclusive variant covers on January 4.

The covers will be not only for Artifacts #13, which sets the stage for the next phase of Top Cow's universe but also for Witchblade #151, the first issue of the series by fan-favorite writer David Hine, who takes over after more than five years written by Artifacts writer Ron Marz, who leaves Top Cow's flagship title with #150 this month.

Ron Marz, Tim Seeley, Jeremy Haun, Phil Hester, Dave Marquez, Troy Peteri and Sablik himself will participate in a number of End of the World parties, signing appearances at local comic shops from New York to California. More information on the parties can be found at Top Cow's website. Keep your eyes on this site for more information about Artifacts #13 and the new Top Cow status quo.