Toys "R" Us Launches New Website and Partners with Target

Toys 'R' Us just made the next big step in its comeback process, as the renowned toy retailer now [...]

Toys "R" Us just made the next big step in its comeback process, as the renowned toy retailer now has a full working website complete with new branding and content. So far the website features a section for Top Trending toys (housing toys like Sesame Street Love to Hug Elmo Plush, Nerf N-Strike Disruptor Blaster, and Baby Alive Shimmer 'n Splash Mermaid) as well as a section for reviews, Hot & New toys, Trending Toys, and DIY Activities. The biggest takeaway from this though is that Toys R Us has partnered with Target to power the new site's checkout system, so if you want to buy the toys on the site you just go through Target's online checkout.

We're not sure if this is just a short term partnership while the new site gets things its own infrastructure for purchasing in place, or if this is a long term partnership that will allocate some of that responsibility to Target in exchange for something else, but gotta admit, it is nice to see Toys "R" Us' website active again.

You can find the announcement below.

"Explore the ultimate online toy experience at featuring hot toy reviews, the latest trends and unique content for kids of all ages! To power your shopping experience we've partnered with @Target so you can check out with confidence and ease."

Right now the Trending Toys section seems to mostly be top 5 list-style articles, though combined with the DIY activities section, this is probably indicative of what the new version of Toys R Us is going for. Being a hub for those looking for toys as opposed to just a storefront, and that will likely continue in the retail locations, provided this gets that far.

You can also see some of the new Toys "R" Us branding in the image above, and we hope this holiday season we'll actually be able to see some of it in person with retail locations.

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