Transformers: The Last Knight Story And Character Details Rumored

transformers age of extinction - optimus prime (2)

The Transformers franchise is loading up for another entry, titled Transformers: The Last Knight. If the latest rumors are true, it will not only delve into the history of the Autobots and the Decepticons but also will touch on one of the great medieval tales in King Arthur.

Specifically, Merlin. has come across some story details for the upcoming movie that ties the Transformers into King Arthur and his vaunted Camelot, specifically the wizard Merlin. According to them, Optimus Prime is on a quest to find the remains of Cybertron, the Transformers home planet. After finding out that he was responsible for its demise, he comes upon a way to revive the age-old planet, but will need an artifact to do it, and that will lead him back to earth.

That artifact turns out to be related in some way to Merlin. Evidently Merlin had a previous interaction with the Transformers early on, possibly involving the creation of the magic he used. Joblo makes an understandable assumption that the artifact in question could very well be the iconic sword Excalibur, as there is a sword in the movie's logo. Plus, it is the most recognizable "artifact" from the Arthur mythology.

It is also learned that Bumblebee will be returning in a more prominent role, and will be joined by Hound, Crosshairs, Drift, and Optimus. The Dinobots will also be making a return, with mini-Dinobots along for the ride. As for new blood, The Last Knight will introduce The Creator to the mix, and will add two Transformers as well. The first is Cogman, an English Astin Martin, and Squeaks, who transforms into a Vespa. Megatron will also return, and will transform into a jet.