Warner Bros. Now Won’t Comment On Christian Bale Returning As Batman

Christian Bale as Batman

When Warner Bros. put out a press release announcing the Batman and Superman movie, they specifically stated that the new Batman had yet to be cast. Ever since Christopher Nolan wrapped up his Dark Knight trilogy, everyone associated with Warner Bros. has steadfastly denied that Christian Bale will return as Batman.

Late last week, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. was offering Christian Bale $50 million to return as Batman, but all the reports were based on an e-book, which made no such claim. The e-book  merely mentioned that someone had speculated that Christian Bale could be paid $50 million to return, not that Warner Bros had actually made an offer.

On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly ran a story discrediting a $100 million offer that was rumored to have been made for Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine. While they said Jackman’s spokesperson had denied the report, they also mentioned the reports that Christian Bale had been offered $50 million without discrediting it.

We picked up EW’s report on Hugh Jackman and also referenced an earlier report that we ran on how the $50 million offer to Christian Bale was just based on someone's opinion. A couple hours after we ran our report, EW ran another report discrediting the $50 million offer to Bale…sort of. They pointed out the same things we did in our article about what the e-book actually said, but they also added that they contacted Warner Bros. and Christian Bale’s reps about the rumor.


Surprisingly, both Warner Bros. and Bale’s reps declined to comment on the speculation. Warner Bros., which is owned by the same parent company as EW, wouldn’t comment after months of denying the possibility. Christian Bale’s reps wouldn’t comment either. Keep in mind, Christian Bale himself had previously told EW that no one had even approached him about returning as Batman.

Why would Warner Bros. and Christian Bale now suddenly have no comment after months of denials? Could it be that the bogus story of the $50 million offer got both sides thinking? Maybe Bale read about the $50 million offer online and called up Warner Bros. and said something along the lines of if you guys want to pay me that much money, I'll put on the damn batsuit right now. As EW put it, the no comment from both Warner Bros. and Bale's reps could "mean anything or nothing."