Westworld: The Man In Black's Surprising Connection Revealed

The latest episode of Westworld revealed many secrets, one of them being how exactly the Man in Black is connected to the park itself.

Ever since Ashley Stubbs, the head of security, described him as an untouchable guest that is allowed to do whatever he wants, we were engrossed in why this was true.

Other guests are held to a standard (although low) of behaviour, while the Man in Black was running around raping and murdering as he damn well pleased.

We learned that he was a wealthy businessman on the outside, who is the owner of a foundation that "saves lives," when two young guests recognized him around a campfire in the park.

In "The Well-Tempered Clavier" we learned much more than we ever wanted to!

After the Man in Black is beaten by Wyatt's female partner, he wakes up the next morning tied to a horse that is rigged to hang him if the horse runs.

In a quick moment, the Man in Black grabs the knife out of Teddy's dead body, the horse runs, pulls him up into the trees, and he cuts himself free with the knife, plopping back onto the ground.

westworld - chestnut
(Photo: HBO)

Enter a black high heel and a very familiar voice!

It's Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), the observer that the Board sent to push Ford out of his position.

Charlotte says, "There are things going on right now that you need to know about," and she goes on to tell him that Teresa is dead.

He is very annoyed that she showed up to bother him, saying he has better things to do.

Charlotte goes on to say that they need a unanimous vote from the Board to fire Dr. Ford, and asks the Man in Black if she can count on him, since he's one the main reasons that Ford is still in business.

Charlotte is most likely referring to the Man in Black's frequent visits and how much money he spends at the park.

Man in Black responds with, "The narratives I'm interested in aren't Fords, if you want to push him out fine, but I don't want to be disturbed."

The Man in Black is on the Board of Directors for Delos Corp.

That is why he is allowed to do whatever he wants in the park without being disturbed - he has corporate power over Ford's head.

While he has said many times in various episodes that he is "on vacation" he clearly doesn't want to be bothered with corporate politics during his time "playing the game."

Either the Man in Black owns Delos or owns a company that sits on the Board of Directors at Delos, meaning he is an original investor in Westworld.

If he is an original investor in Westworld - this puts him in direct connection with either William or Logan.

Remember that Logan brought William to Westworld to show him a possible investment for the family company?

There's MORE proof that the Man In Black is either William or Logan.

The Man In Black isn't just a frequent guest. He's a man that holds great power in his hands, sitting atop the Board of Directors which is exactly why Ford hasn't stopped the Man in Black from trying to discover the last level of the game.

What's next for the Man In Black? We aren't sure, but it seems like he may have gotten himself in a little too deep.

At least he finds Dolores in the recently rebuilt church...


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