What Kevin Smith Told Ben Affleck About The Batman Suit

Kevin Smith on Affleck's Batman suit

During his “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, a fan asked Kevin Smith how involved the filmmaker is with helping Ben Affleck figure out his Batman role for the Batman vs. Superman crossover film coming in 2016. Turns out, not much, but he did get to see a photo of Affleck in the suit, even before Affleck himself saw a photo.

Here’s what Smith had to say:

I'm not involved at all. I'm just a big, fat cheerleader, blinded by love of both Batman and the dude I used to work with a lot who's now gonna play him. Strange collision of lifetime passions - which, make no mistake, sounds exactly as homoerotic as I intended. In MALLRATS opening credits, Ben is depicted on cover of BUTTMAN ADVENTURES comic book. In the CHASING AMY commentary track, I say to Ben "You can be Clooney." He says "I can be Clooney." And I ask "But can you be Batman?" In JERSEY GIRL, Ben refers to the street-sweeper as "the BatMobile". And years after all that s***, homey winds up in the cape & cowl. That s*** just makes me happy.

But the only words I've exchanged with Ben about the Batman role have been via email. I blew him up when I saw the suit and wrote "Zack showed me you in the suit. I've got the vapors. He wrote back "You saw it?! I haven't even seen the pictures yet! How's it look?" I replied "F*** you and take all my money. a) Perfect suit. Every fan will love. b) You ARE Batman! c) Can I be Penguin?" Still waiting on a reply. He hasn't said no...

So it seems there’s at least one Batman fan pleased with the way things are going for the film so far.

Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.