Wonder Woman Reportedly To Have Six Scripts In Process

WonderWoman Costume Gal-GadotWhile Warner Bros. has been fairly open about how difficult it is to get the tone of Wonder Woman right in live action, a new report indicates that even with a movie planned for 2017, the studio isn't totally finished fine-tuning yet.

Screenwriter Arash Amel tweeted yesterday, "Someone just told me six writers have been hired to simultaneously write six versions of Wonder Woman movie. WHAT?"

In the conversation that followed, there were claims that hiring so many screenwriters to "pick the best one," not unlike what they did with two scripts on Aquaman, may be against Writers Guild rules and land Warner Bros. in court or at least arbitration. Badass Digest's Devin Faraci said that the version he heard was that elements of various scripts would be incorporated into the final project, but commenters seemed nonplussed by this response.

Another commenter noted that there were multiple versions of The Bourne Legacy that eventually became one film. ComicBook.com has reached out for clarification on Writers Guild rules regarding this kind of thing and will update this story if anyone responds over the weekend.