X-Men: First Class Sequel is "Epic, Mythic"

X-Men First Class Top Ten

In an interview with Collider, Simon Kinberg--the writer of an upcoming X-Men: First Class sequel for 20th Century Fox--said that the film's story is a closely guarded secret and that the 2014 sequel is unlike any other X-Men film fans have seen.

The script isn't finished yet, but according to Slashfilm, Kinberg suggests that "the success of the first film should serve to provide a bigger budget and broader scope."

Says Kinberg:

"I wish I could tell you about it, but literally, it’s like the most guarded state secret I’ve ever been around. I can tell you that it’s going really well, and I can tell you that I’ve been working closely with Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman on the script of the movie and that we hope to be shooting in Spring of next year to come out in July of 2014 and that I’m really excited about it, because the only thing I can say, because I have to be extraordinarily vague about it, because the last time I talked to anybody about it, I got in trouble…big trouble…what I can tell you is [that] it’s extraordinarily ambitious. It is unlike the other X-Men movies and yet very much a celebration of the X-Men movies."

An epic, mythic, ambitious reinvention of the franchise could certainly jive with what we know about the film--that Fox recently staked its claim to the title Days of Future Past, a fan-favorite X-Men tale from the '80s that involves time travel, alternate realities and a world war.

The film is not yet officially titled, but is expected in theaters in July 2014.