The Walking Dead Minimates Series 5 On The Way

Walking Dead Minimates Series 5

The fifth series of Walking Dead Minimates is on its way, based on Robert Kirkman's hit comic series. Toys R Us will get an exclusive assortment of figures, featuring new characters and zombies. The Toys R Us assortment will consist of four two-packs, available in the spring:

  • - Traveler Rick Grimes and Business Zombie
  • - Riot Gear Michonne and Hitchhiker Zombie
  • - Abraham Ford and Military Zombie
  • - Eugene Porter and Emaciated Zombie

Each Minimate is 2 inches tall with a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including weapons for the humans and rotting body parts for the zombies. The assortment coming to comic shops and specialty stores includes:

  • - Maggie Greene and Riot Gear Glenn
  • - Tyreese and Prison Michonne
  • - Survivor Morgan and Geek Zombie
  • - Caesar Martinez and Geek Zombie (rare variant)

Both sets will arrive Spring 2014 and can be pre-ordered at comic shops and through online retailers.

Walking Dead Minimates Series 5 Toys R Us Assortment