The Walking Dead: The Same Boat Clip Released

Things might get a little tricky on next week's episode of The Walking Dead, the thirteenth of season six, titled, "The Same Boat."

In a new sneak peek clip of the episode, a new group negotiates with Rick's. They have Maggie and Carol as hostages and Rick has their doctor. The woman on the walkie-talkie doesn't look to be in much of a negotiating mood, though.

That said, these people don't appear to be Saviors.

Let's consider a few things. The only thing pointing to them being part of Negan's group is their presence at the compound and their man exiting the building. However, why are they outside? Why do they look so dirty and unkept as opposed to the Saviors who sleep in beds and wear armor when on patrol?

The title of the episode is "The Same Boat." Unless the title is in reference to both parties being interested in a trade, it is likely a reference to them both being pitted against Negan (or both).


How do you think this whole hostage situation will play out?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.