Power Rangers: This Is What A Spider-Man Ranger Could Look Like

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Marvel heroes would look like as Power Rangers? Well, then DigitalSpaceGeek has you covered with his inventive creations, including his newest Spider-Man Ranger.

DigitalSpaceGeek has created several new forms of Power Rangers by merging the Morphin Grid with iconic Marvel and DC heroes. The webslinger Spider-Man was the base fo rhis newest creatino, and gives Spidey a Mighty Morphin makeover. The suit features a traditional Mighty Morphin Morpher and center diamond design, though instead of just white the diamond now has a red Spider-symbol in the center. The suit has dark gray or silver on the sides and red on the inner portions of the suit and also integrates Spidey's distinctive webbing pattern on the red portions.

Spidey also sports a Dragon Shield-esque design that has cutouts where you can see the webbing design underneath. The Shield is gold, silver, and white, and leads into his unique helmet.

The helmet recreates Spidey's mask for the most part, with the webbing design on the material and the large Spider-like eyes, though the eyes are much more insect-looking than Spidey's traditional comics design. There is a silver sheen to them to match other aspects of the suit, with some additional small touches on the mask to complete the look.

You can check the Spider-Man Ranger design above.

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DigitalSpaceGeek also revealed another take on the Spider-Man Ranger, which features less white and more red. The overall design is mostly the same, though his torso has some additional red lines coming from the sides and he is sporting more spider-like gloves instead of the white ones. The eyes are also lacking the silver sheen and are now mostly black except for the red glow emanating from the center. The sides are also darker and more black than gray or silver.

You can find this version above as well.


You can check out more of DigitalSpaceGeek's work on Instagram and ArtStation.

Which version do you like better, and what other heroes and Power Rangers combinations do you want to see in the future? Let us know in the comments!