Original Red Ranger Reveals The Line He Hated The Most From 'Power Rangers'

Original Red Ranger Austin St. John has plenty of amazing memories from his time on the show, but there is one particular line that he wishes he could have back.

Austin St. John played Red Ranger Jason Scott during the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, though early on no one knew it would become the goliath it is today. That was partly why the cast didn't really have much say in the lines written for them in the first shows, and there's one line that St. John still hates to this day (via Steven Alvarez).

"The first ten episodes after the pilot we had almost no creative say," St. John said at San Francisco Comic Con. "They were like this is what you do. I mean they like what we did as characters, but we had very little creative say when it came to the script or how we might change a line or anything. It didn't take long for us to be like "I'm just not saying that". I wish that had happened when I had episode whatever it was with Pineapple the Clown. I hate that line to this day, so if I could've changed that one I would have, but I couldn't yet."

The episode he is referring to is titled No Clowning Around, where Pineapple turns Trini's cousin Sylvia into a cardboard cut out. St. John remembers the line all too well and has some ideas for what could've worked better.

"Another six months and I would've totally rewritten that thing and been like "No, Jason's going to come around the corner like Dirty Harry and be like do you feel lucky punk? Do Ya," St. John said. He would have greatly preferred that to what the script called for, which was "You're going down clown!"

When you add the ultra-serious tone in which it is delivered in the episode, you can very much understand why he hates it.

As it turns out, the cast started to hate him too after a while, thanks to the constant takes of that scene they had to go through.

"22 takes because I couldn't do it with a straight face," St. John said. "Everyone hated me that day. They were like this isn't funny anymore and I was like "it really is, sorry."


Austin St. John will be sharing more memories like that next month, as he is scheduled to appear at New York Comic Con. Power Rangers fans will also have a chance to meet Jason David Frank, the cast of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and fellow Mighty Morphin castmates David Yost and Walter Jones, along with current Mighty Morphin Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins.

It should be a Morphinominal time indeed.