Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Live Action Trailer Released

Shattered Grid is already one of the biggest Power Rangers events in years, and now it has an amazing live-action trailer to go with it...starring Jason David Frank.

Frank and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins revealed the trailer on social media, which has Frank in full Lord Drakkon costume as he monitors the events of all the other Power Ranger timelines. Not only that but when we say full costume, we mean it, as the veins in his face and long hair are all along for the ride.

Seriously, it's fantastic and shows just what a Shattered Grid live-action take could look like, complete with Red and Yellow sentries and a swath of Lord Drakkon's ships. It's hard to make this event even more coveted, but somehow Higgins and Frank pulled it off.

You can check the trailer out in the video above, and for more on Shattered Grid you can check out our full interview here.

"With SHATTERED GRID launching in comic stores 3/28, I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate. Written & directed by me, starring Jason David Frank (@jdfffn), with music by Ron Wasserman (@fishertheband), we give you a DARK PRELUDE #ShatteredGrid," Higgins wrote.

In addition to Higgins and Frank, you'll also recognize some other familiar Power Ranger names in the credits, including composer Ron Wasserman. You can check out the full description below.

"A dark prelude to the comic book event of the year. Available MARCH 28 online and at your local comic book retailers. Starring Jason David Frank as Lord Drakkon. Written and directed by Kyle Higgins. Produced by Kyle Higgins, Jason David Frank, J.J. Vazquez, Ramon Palermo.

Natalie Frost, Adam Nelson, André Mulligan
Production design by Calder Greenwood
Music by Ron Wasserman
Edited by Alec Siegel
Sound by Matthew E. Taylor
VFX by VFX Legion
Title design by Joshua McDonald
Cinematography by Michael Nie"

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 is written by Kyle Higgins with art by Daniele Nicuolo and a cover by Goni Montes. You can check out the official description below.


"Drakkon returns and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will never be the same. The 'SHATTERED GRID' event begins here! Please note: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 will be black polybagged and shipped with (6) randomly assorted main covers by Goñi Montes in equal quantities."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 lands in comic stores on March 28.