Power Rangers: 25th Anniversary Episode Recap

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary episode of Power Rangers, and we've got your full recap right [...]

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary episode of Power Rangers, and we've got your full recap right here.

Tommy appears and parks his car, talking to his son at his home and is confronted by an unknown enemy, who says "hello Tommy Oliver."

Flips to intro and segues into the school where the Rangers are playing pool. Mick calls the Rangers into the HQ and say6s there is an emergency message. They get a visitor through a portal, three in fact, and they ask who they are. It is Time Force Red (Wes), Silver RPM (Gemma), and Dino Charge Blue (Koda). They tell them they haven't heard of other Ranger teams, and Wes confirms there are other dimensions.

They each give a quick bio, and Wes says they have created a time management device that allows them to travel between worlds. Rangers are disappearing in other dimensions and they need to find Tommy Oliver, who the Rangers confirm they have heard of.

Wes knows where to find him, so they all set out towards his home. They find a blast from the sky hit the house, and they see Kudabots bringing something out of a portal. Tommy can be seen helping Lord Drayvon, who rules the universe. Tommy is under control and then Madame Odius appears. Drayvon confirms they have captured Rangers and are making dark soldiers who resemble them (they are really robots), and Drayvon is trying to break the barriers between dimensions. Odius creates mega arrows, which can break the barriers. Drayvon wants to rule all the Ranger worlds. They all leave through the portal.

The Rangers then open a portal to find Drayvon's fortress in the universe. Koda smells something and they set out.

We flashback to Drayvon's castle, where the evil Tommy Oliver reveals he has Antonio and several other Rangers captured already. He is trying to convert them into soldiers but one of the Rangers escapes. It looks to be Tommy's table, as his Black Dino Helmet can be seen.

Drayvon reveals a huge army moving towards the universe, and Drayvon arms himself with a mega arrow.

Flashes back to the Rangers moving on the bridge towards Drayvon's castle, where Koda takes out one of the Kudabots. The Rangers are surrounded by several Kudbots with cannons, but someone helps them who happens to be invisible, taking out several Kudabot groups. He reveals himself to be Tommy as the Black Dino Ranger.

Wes and Tommy are reunited and hug. Tommy reveals as the Black Dino Ranger he can be invisible, which is how he escaped. The Rangers then watch a mega arrow fire and break the barriers (very shattered grid). The Super Ninja Steel Rangers then fight several Kudabot5s as Drayvon fires arrows from above. Brody takes him down before he can fire more. Each Ranger is spotlighted and then Brody goes toe to toe with Drayvon.

The Rangers try a combination attack but Drayvon is able to block it, so the Rangers camouflage themselves and hide.

Inside the castle, Tommy breaks the other Rangers out of captivity, and they all leave, though our Tommy is ambushed by the evil Tommy.

The two Tommy's face off, our Tommy reveals he has a Master Morpher, and switches to Red Zeo, battles some more and then switches to White Ranger form, then finishes him off with the Green Ranger. He did not switch to Red Turbo.

The scene then switches to Brody and Sarah battling Kudabots, but they find the Mega Arrows and attach Brody to it with Sarah's rope, then Preston attaches the rope to his Zord. Sentries from beneath shoot them down and blow u the box with the arrows and they are confronted by a Sentry army.

Drayvon shoots another Mega Arrow to break apart the dimension further, and the Rangers then get some surprise help from the classic Rangers who appear behind them. They then all morph together and get into an epic battle with the Sentries.

Drayvon then shoots his last Mega Arrow and the Ranges can't stop him. Tommy has an idea though and morphs into the White Ranger and calls the Falconzord, who catches the arrow before it hits the sky. The other Rangers on the ground launch their blasters at a gigantfied Drayvon and then the Falconzord hits Drayvon with the Mega Arrow, destroying him.

After the dust has settled Tommy says the world is in good hands, launching into a Power Rangers Forever. They then open their various portals to head back to their homes, and Brody turns to the screen and says "Now that was epic".

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