'Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid' Gameplay Trailer Features Goldar, Ranger Slayer, Magna Defender, and More

We've got a brand new gameplay trailer for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, and now you can [...]

We've got a brand new gameplay trailer for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, and now you can check out all the new characters throwing down, including Ranger Slayer, Kat Manx, the Mastodon Sentry, Magna Defender, and Goldar.

The new footage features our first look at the new additions to the roster, which join Mighty Morphin Red, Mighty Morphin Green, Lord Drakkon, and Megaforce Yellow. As you might expect, Goldar is bigger and a bit more imposing than the other Rangers, though that doesn't stop the other Rangers from laying a beatdown on him.

That said, when Goldar does get his hands on a Ranger it isn't pretty, as he looks to feature plenty of grapples that stop Rangers dead in their tracks. The Mastodon Sentry is also pretty impressive, able to call several of his squadmates to unleash a hail of blaster fire on his opponent.

(Photo: nWay)

We also see some footage of Ranger Slayer and Kat Manx, who looks as agile and speedy as you would expect, and we even get a look at one of her special attacks. We also see Tommy call on the Dragonzord, though the attack we see isn't the rocket based one from the livestream, but a new one that has the Dragonzord's foot stomp the competition and another one that has his tail landing on the ground.

(Photo: nWay)

You can check out the full trailer in the video above and the official description is below.

(Photo: nWay)

"For over 25 years Power Rangers has been one of the most popular franchises in the world. As a perennial Top 10 NPD Action Brand, the globally renowned brand has spawned hit TV shows, movies, toys, comics, live entertainment and games. nWay, the developer and publisher behind Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, the hit multiplayer mobile game with over 45 million downloads, has partnered with Hasbro and global content leader Lionsgate to announce Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. The new fighting game will first be available as a digital download for $19.99 first on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in Spring 2019, and then PC later in the year.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a full-fledged MvC style 3v3 tag fighting game that emphasizes accessibility without sacrificing depth and complexity. The game features stunning graphics with vivid details and pits new and classic Rangers and villains against each other in team battles. Players will be challenged to test their skills online against players from around the world, providing endless replayability."

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is up for pre-order at www.battleforthegrid.com. PlayStation 4 pre-orders are available in the PlayStation Store. Those ordering prior to launch will receive an exclusive bonus of the Green Ranger V2 character skin. In addition, a special Digital Collector's Edition will be available to pre-order for $39.99, which contains the full game download, Season One Pass (which will include three new characters and a new warrior skin), and exclusive Lord Drakkon Evo II and Kimberly Hart character skins.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid hits consoles later this year.

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