The Power Rangers Join The Black Panther For Amazing Malay Wedding

If you're unsure on how to liven up a wedding, just do what this couple did and invite the Black Panther and a slew of Power Rangers.

That's what happened during a traditional Malay wedding. The couple happens to be huge fans of the Power Rangers, and during what appears to be a traditional Bersanding ceremony several people perform for them, each with a specialized performance. They then bow before the couple and then make room for the next performer (via Malaysian Digest). They perform surrounded by a line of drummers.

The cool thing here is that the performers are anything but traditional. The group includes a Green Ranger, a Red Ranger, and the Solaris Knight. Oh, and they got a helping hand from Marvel's Black Panther, because why not right?

After the Rangers performed their individual rights in front of the couple, the groom decided to join in on the fun. Alongside all of the Rangers and his guests, the group performed a rousing rendition of Gangnam Style. Seriously, this seems like an amazing wedding, and kind of disappointed no invite was received. Not many people can say they went to a wedding attended by the Power Rangers and the Black Panther, and it certainly would be something to cross off the bucket list.

You can view the video above.


Most will know the Green Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, whose real name is Tommy Oliver and is often portrayed by Jason David Frank. You might not be as familiar with the Ranger in the blue and gold though. That is the Solaris Knight from Power Rangers Mystic Force. The Red Ranger who appears in the video is a bit more mysterious though, so not sure which season of the show he's from.

In any case, this has to be one of the most memorable weddings ever, if just for the fact that Solaris Knight is actually dancing to Gangnam Style. Ten bucks says no one ever thought they'd see that happen, including Solaris.