Power Rangers: First Look At The Psycho Rangers Legacy Figures Revealed

Fans finally have their first look at the Psycho Ranger figures, and they are looking pretty slick [...]

Fans finally have their first look at the Psycho Ranger figures, and they are looking pretty slick so far.

The figures made their convention debut at the London ToyFair, but since it is a closed event official images haven't been released. Thankfully Instagram user SimplePeteDoodles was at the show and shared some photos of the in-development figures, including Psycho Blue and Psycho Red.

The figures are looking quite impressive thus far, though there wasn't a shot of the Psycho Pink Ranger, who will also be in the Wave 6 set. That wave will also include the White Dino Ranger and the In Space Silver Ranger.

The remaining Psycho Rangers will release as part of Wave 7, but it isn't known what other Rangers will be included in that line. There's also no official release date for these figures, but they are expected later this year.

Other offerings at the London ToyFair included the Legacy Green Ranger Helmet, Legacy Zeonizer, Golden Power Staff, Auto-Morphin figures, Legacy Tyrannosaurus Zord, Mastodon Zord, and two offerings from Super Ninja Steel. Those included the Super Blaster and the Simian Sniper Zord.

As for the Legacy line, Wave 5 is currently hitting stores, which includes Rangers from both Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Dino Thunder. This wave includes the Zeo Blue Ranger (Rocky DeSantos), Zeo Pink Ranger (Katherine Hillard), and the Zeo Red Ranger (Tommy Oliver), as well as the Yellow Dino Ranger (Kira Ford) and Black Dino Ranger (Tommy once more) from Dino Thunder.

Once this set fully released, fans will almost be able to complete their Power Rangers Zeo team. Wave 4 included the Zeo Green Ranger (Adam Park) and the Yellow Zeo Ranger (Tanya Sloan), though the latter has yet to actually show up in stores. Expect that to hit before Zeo Pink and Dino Thunder Yellow.

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