Exclusive Interview: Director Of Power Rangers Content Melissa Flores Talks All Things 'HyperForce'

Power Rangers HyperForce is taking the franchise into brand new places, but it wouldn't have [...]

Power Rangers HyperForce is taking the franchise into brand new places, but it wouldn't have happened without a team effort.

Director of Power Rangers Content Melissa Flores took some time to speak to ComicBook.com about the new hit series, which brings the world of Power Rangers and tabletop together in a brand new way. The show is off to a great start, but it took a team effort to make it happen.

"Like everything at Saban Brands, HyperForce is a team effort and we've had a great partner in Hyper RPG as we bring this to life each week," Flores said. "Power Rangers' 25+ year legacy is the perfect foundation for an interactive, live experience because there is so much to dig into from the mythology of the series as well as the opportunity to bring back Legacy Cast members and we can explore endless amounts of new angles and storylines. The best part is that fans can directly impact how it all unfolds!"

HyperForce is approaching its 10th episode but has already grown substantially since its debut. That is in part thanks to the fans and their ongoing feedback.

"With HyperForce, we get a lot of time every week to really develop each character and see them grow," Flores said. "Our Game Master, Malika, does an incredible job. Power Rangers is a really beloved franchise and everyone has their own favorite moments, characters, etc. so a big challenge is wanting to deliver for everyone – no easy task! This is where it becomes so impactful to have direct fan feedback that helps guide the direction of each show. The most rewarding aspect of HyperForce is seeing so many fans engaging live with the show each week, and watching them have so much fun with it has been extremely gratifying."

Throughout the season the Rangers have received their Morphers, Zords, and even a Megazord. In fact, those HyperZords just might be the coolest Zords around, and they definitely were inspired by one show in particular.

"As with every aspect of HyperForce, the designs of the Zords and Megazord are a team process," Flores said. "The Megazord and Zords for HyperForce definitely had their most significant inspiration from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!"

The HyperForce Rangers consist of Marv (Red), Vesper (Black) Eddie (Blue), Jack (Yellow), and Chloe (Pink), but is there room for another Ranger? Bulk's Paul Schrier is already on the show as a Ranger (Jack the Yellow Ranger), so it only seems right for Skull to get the nod.

"That's absolutely a question on everyone's mind and one we look forward to answering in the future," Flores teased. "You'll just have to keep watching more episodes!"

The characters of HyperForce are already gaining legions of fans, but there are many who would love to take the experience to their personal tabletops, and Flores wants to make it clear those requests are being heard. "We love hearing there is such strong interest in extending the HyperForce experience! All I can say is, we're listening and always thinking about what could be next," Flores said.

So, where does HyperForce go from here? "We've got an entire wish list of places and eras we want to see the HyperForce team go, but sharing it would be cheating," Flores teased. "We don't want any spoilers out there so you'll have to just stay tuned!"

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