'Power Rangers': Jason David Frank Comments On Shocking Shattered Grid Twist

The Power Rangers franchise has just launched its very first comic book event, Shattered Grid, and [...]

The Power Rangers franchise has just launched its very first comic book event, Shattered Grid, and fans have responded to the event so strongly that Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #25 has completely sold out.

A large part of this response is for the major death writer Kyle Higgins worked into the series, and how this major death changes the series moving forward. It's such a big death, in fact, Comicbook.com reached out to Lord Drakkon himself, Jason David Frank, to see how he felt about the death.

Warning! Major spoilers for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #25 below, so read on only if you've read the issue!


In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #25, Lord Drakkon has returned to his world and is training to regain his power. Deciding that he needs to fully recharge his evil crystal, he transports to the main time line (the world of the MMPR) and kills Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger.

Naturally the death of one of the most iconic characters in Power Rangers is making waves, and Jason David Frank thinks it's an awesome way to show how much of a true threat Lord Drakkon is for the many teams of Power Rangers involved with the upcoming Shattered Grid event.

When asked about Tommy's death in the issue, Frank remarked "How do I feel about Lord Drakkon eliminating Tommy? Not gonna tell you much more, you're going to have to check it out. I think it's awesome. I am Lord Drakkon. He is the ultimate Power Ranger God. So other Rangers, beware."

It's great to see Frank accept the death of a character he portrayed in order to further prove that his newest portrayal, Lord Drakkon, is a fearsome presence. Frank recently embodied the character dutifully in the live-action trailer for the Shattered Grid event, and even managed to shed new light on the character with his portrayal.

His portrayal proved Lord Drakkon to be both powerful, and capable of doing something like killing one of the original six Power Rangers. And with Frank promising more for the Rangers to beware, this may only be the first of many hardships the Power Rangers will face.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 is available in comic stores now, and the synopsis for the event is as follows:

"Drakkon returns and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will never be the same. The 'SHATTERED GRID' event begins here! Please note: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 will be black polybagged and shipped with (6) randomly assorted main covers by Goñi Montes in equal quantities."