Power Rangers: Jason David Frank Brings Morphin Time To 'We Bare Bears'

The adorable Bears of Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears get some reinforcements from Power Rangers' Jason David Frank, even getting to morph in the process.

In the new episode of We Bare Bears, Ice Bear, Panda, and Grizzly meet Silver Bear, a heroic Bear with a spiffy silver superhero suit who wants to fight crime and help people 24 hours a day. Power Rangers fans will definitely recognize the voice of Silver Bear, who is actually Jason David Frank. Frank's played Black, Green, White, and Red Rangers in the past, but he's never had the chance to be Silver.

He doesn't just get to voice Silver Bear though, as he manages to get the other Bears in on the superhero action as well, forming a Mighty Morphin-esque team of Ranger Bears. Ice Bear transforms into a Yellow Ranger Bear, while Grizzly transforms into a Red Ranger Bear and Panda into a Green Ranger Bear. What makes it even better is that Frank does all of his patented martial arts sound effects from the show, and it's hard not to wear a smile when you're watching this entire team in action.

Frank shared a few clips from the episode on Instagram, which you can see above.

"I’m so excited for this episode to be out now on @cartoonnetwork! I’ve been working on this project for the past year and I’m so excited that you all can watch Sliver Bear come to life @webarebears.official I hope all my fans love it. Thank you 🙏 @mannymator for the direction, I look forward to working on more projects with you. Use #JDFSilverBear and tag @cartoonnetwork and let them know what you thought!! #JDFVoiceActing #JDFSilverBear #JDFBlasto #JDFEmissary #Webarebears #cartoonnetwork #mannymator"

They even get Ranger Bear Zords, which stack just like they do, and you can check that out above.


This collision of We Bare Bears and Power Rangers was unexpected but hilarious, and we hope to see other odd combinations in the future.

You can watch We Bare Bears on the Cartoon Network app now.