Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 9 Pre-Orders Are Live

Ranger fans are always exited to hear about the next wave of Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures from Hasbro, and we're happy to report that the wait for Wave 9 is at an end. Hasbro has revealed four new 6-inch figures in the lineup, and it includes the In Space Black Ranger, SPD Green Ranger, Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger, and Mighty Morphin Tenga Warrior.

Pre-order links for each of the new figures in the Lightning Collection Wave 9 lineup can be found below along with details on the price, release date, and included accessories. Note that die hard collectors can grab the entire wave with duplicates of each figure in one go here at Entertainment Earth for $159.99.


Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Black Ranger - Carlos Vallerte ($20.99 - Arrives in July) / Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth: Includes swappable heads (with and without helmet), swappable hands, Lunar Lance and Astro Blaster accessories, and a blast effect piece.


Power Rangers Lightning Collection SPD Green Ranger - Bridge Carson ($20.99 - Arrives in July) / Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth: Includes swappable heads (with an without helmet), swappable hands, Delta Morpher, multiple modes of the Deltamax Striker accessories, and a blast effect piece.


Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger - Kai Chen ($20.99 - Arrives in July) / Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: Includes swappable heads (with or without helmet), swappable hands, Quasar Saber, Quasar Dagger, Cosma Claw, and a blast effect piece.


Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Tenga Warrior ($20.99 - Arrives in July) / Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: Includes Tenga egg accessory, blast effect piece, and an alternate pair of arms with wings.

On a related note, your wait for Power Rangers Dino Fury is nearly at an end.! It's set to premiere on Nickelodeon on February 20th. You can check out the freshly released intro sequence and theme song right here. The official description reads:


"65 million years ago an ancient force brought the power of the Morphin Grid to planet Earth. Now, the forces of evil have come to claim that power, and a group of heroes must rise up to meet this challenge. Harnessing the energy of the Morphin Grid with the prehistoric power of Dino Fury. They will unlock incredible new Morphers, Dino Powered Weapons, powerful new Zords, and astonishing new Megazords. In the tradition of dinosaur teams of the past comes a brand new entry, Power Rangers Dino Fury."

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