Power Rangers' Original Red Ranger Is Coming To Power Morphicon

The original Red Ranger will now be appearing at Power Rangers bi-annual convention Power Morphicon, but there is a catch.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Red Ranger Jason Scott was of course played by Autin St. John and fans were excited to learn that the actor will be attending the anticipated Power Rangers event. St. John teased his appearance on social media, posting an image with the caption "Jus' sayin...more details later...-ASJ #pmc2018 #anaheim #mmpr #powerrangers #redranger #goldranger #jasonleescott."

That's great news, but there is one thing to note. St. John will only be appearing on Thursday, which is considered Day 0 of Power Morphicon, so you'll need to plan your trip accordingly if you want to meet the Red and Zeo Gold Ranger.

Power Morphicon's Guest Relations coordinator BboyRealm provided some extra clarification on social media, though all of the details will be revealed next week.

"Just to clarify, we will provide more details for the Austin St. John appearance next week. Scott is at Anime Expo all week (end)," BboyRealm wrote. "But from what I know, there is no cover charge to meet ASJ, only for his autographs, signed prints & photos with him. #PowerMorphicon."

He also revealed that the reason St. John is only attending the one day is a scheduling conflict with another event.

"SJ is only attending for Thursday, August 16th, as he is booked for another event that same weekend," BboyRealm wrote. "So again, if you want to meet him, he is only attending PMC just that one day. More info next week on this special event!"

"Also, Austin St. John is the only guest that will be signing for Thursday, August 16th. And because Thursday is set-up day for exhibitors and vendors, we may have ASJ set up in the lobby of the venue for his meet and greet. #PowerMorphicon"

We'll update you when we know more specifics, but it will be the first time Austin St. John and Jason David Frank will both be in attendance at Power Morphicon in some time, so here's your chance to finally meet both in the same place!

Power Morphicon is a bi-annual convention that brings Power Rangers fans from all over the world to one place. Actors from all seasons of the show converge onto one location, and odds are that at least a few of your favorites will end up showing up.


So far the guest list is pretty stacked for this year's Power Morphicon, and you can check out the full list right here.

Power Morphicon 2018 will kick off on Friday, August 17 at 12 pm PST, and will conclude on Sunday, August 19 at 5 pm PST. You can find even more Power Morphicon details here. Make sure to follow @MattMuellerCB for all of your Power Rangers coverage!